Beyond Movement 60-Day Challenge

Beyond Movement 60-Day Challenge

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Your goals only work, if you do!

There is no secret to success, the key is to be consistent and have patience. I have seen so many people commit to a 30-day challenge and after the month, they immediately fall off. I am here to tell you that, you are way too good for that to happen again! You need to start believing in yourself and proving to yourself that you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. 

I have designed this challenge to push you into learning more about how your mind & body can work together to achieve greatness. After two months of healthy habits, such as moving your body, being mindful of your food and living in the moment; you won't want that rewarding feeling to disappear. 

Challenge Guidelines:

1. Daily Journal: Keep a notebook at your bedside, so when you wake up, write down one word describing how you feel. Be mindful how how you slept, how you woke up, what was your first thought? 

2. 30-min Movement: You will have full access to my app, which will include a 60-day program filled with exercises. Each day, you will be guided through either cardio, strength training or mobility to help promote joint health and build confidence. 

3. 3-minute Mindfulness Meditation: Every morning, you will be sent a link to one of my guided meditations. These meditations will allow you to learn more about your mental health and how your thoughts trigger your actions.

I will know if all of these steps are completed, because you will have the opportunity in my app to document your daily finishes. 

After you complete your 60-day challenge, you will be rewarded with one free month of access to my online programs/training.