3 Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy

I started using trigger point therapy, when I began squatting heavy. I would get tight in my glutes and hips. I would use the foam roller, but the surface was not hard enough to release the knots I would have. The benefits of using a lacrosse ball or Radroller ball are endless, especially because they are inexpensive and the treatment can be done at your own pace. Here are three benefits I have found about my body since beginning my trigger point therapy.

1. Increase Range of Motion

Self-Myofascial Release, also known as SMR, is a trigger point technique used to release muscle tension. SMR can be an intense treatment, depending on how tight your knot may be. During the treatment, you are applying pressure to an area that may feel pain, discomfort or have lack of flexibility. Efficient human movement requires the body to have a balance of shortened and lengthened muscles, but when a muscle is tight, then it will immediately shorten; creating an imbalance. Applying trigger point therapy, will cause tension to the area and eventually allow that area to loosen and become mobile again.

2. Reduce Soreness 

I am a big fan of using trigger point therapy after my workouts and before going to bed. During our workouts, our muscles get tired from the amount of pressure and work applied to them. If not treated with care, those muscles will get tight and become sore. SMR is a quick and effective tool that will bring proper blood flow throughout the body and prevent any soreness from occurring in those areas.

3. Relaxation

I know you all just read my two favorite times to roll out my muscles, however I never mentioned why I like to roll out before going to sleep. I know you have all felt stress at one point in your life...Our shoulders raise, our neck gets tight, our posture places pressure on our backs. Normally, I feel this at the end of my day, usually a side effect from driving, working from my phone or coaching. When I apply trigger point therapy to my body, I am giving my muscles a chance to breathe. Releasing tension from the areas and creating oxygen for my muscles to relax and grow stronger.

SMR is a great resource for recovery because your body responds quickly to the treatment. It's important to find your balance between exercise and recovery, to prevent yourself from an injuries occurring. 

If you have any questions, on what tools to use for your trigger point therapy, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am here to help you enjoy your movement!

Happy training!

Coach Steph


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