Why Now is the Time to Follow Your Passion

You want to be more, do more, believe more?
The only thing is, you feel stuck in your tracks, waiting for the direction to pop out at you.
Who is to say which direction is the best or the most beneficial for your journey; when you are the one leading?
You see: your path can only extend, if you want it to.
Think about the last time you were unhappy - what did you do to change the circumstances of the situation?
Did you take charge at that moment, or did you wait to act upon your true feelings?
This is a situation that will challenge and change your mindset. You are going after something completely out of your norm and the more you reach, the more feelings you will begin to discover.
Anxious: You have been working hard consistently, and are ready for the next big chapter in your life.
Excitement: Your positive energy and work ethic is stirring up new opportunities daily.
Remember - You deserve everything you work for in your life.
Change is a good thing - it means your are pursuing strength, pride and growth.
Having the ability to direct your feelings is the most powerful tool you have in your life. It's okay to feel nervous or slightly anxious when wanting to explore a new position in life; it's new! The point is, no one can tell you that your decisions in life are the best options for you - that is your job, your superpower!
Now you just need to know the right time to make the jump!
1. What wakes you up in the morning?
This is where we set the tone for the day. Are you excited to seek new opportunity or are wishing for a new lifestyle change? Creating good, healthy habits to start your day, doesn't mean you need to begin at 6 a.m. It's about showing your body the care and preparation it needs to start the day strong. Simple ways to enlighten your mood in the morning; rinse your face, make your bed, eat a well balanced breakfast, or perform 10 minutes of stretching. Engaging in meaningful activity will give your mindset the confidence it needs to excel through your journey.
2. Is your job causing you stress?
If your current job is knocking you down, then it is time to find one that will lift your spirits back up. Sometime's we think it's the actual job duties causing us stress; when really it could be you just knowing that you deserve more. There is a difference between these two thoughts - being stressed by your job role can be fixed with more training or self confidence, however knowing that you deserve more will push you into the direction of growth.
3. Are you living in fear?
I am by no means saying you need to go out and take risks that will put your life in danger, but I am encouraging you to try a new task or hobby. Fear usually stems from a past feeling that occurred or memory that you are still latching on to. The hardest action to take when this feeling stirs; is confronting the situation. Charging a fear, head on - does not only make you stronger, but it makes you wiser. You want to see what else is out there, you just needed to give yourself a pep talk first.
Believe it or not, you need to jump to be successful. Life wasn't created from people standing around wishing for moments to arise. True creators explore their interests, take pride in their discoveries and share their passion with the world.
Understanding the obstacles that are holding you back, will diminish your negative thoughts and allow more room for growth. Growth will only come if you let it; start your day with something you that makes you happy, follow your passion and take a risk here and there! You won't know what's coming until you take make the jump!

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  • Dan The Man

    This is well put and well said in every single way. You have a great mind and great passion for this kind of work. Never stop working hard and being the best Steph ever!

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