Visualizing Success

Hello my friends.

I am so grateful to be here with you today. 

Today is a beautiful day!

Join me as you find a comfortable position to rest your body.

Where you feel most relaxed and at peace within your heart. 

Become aware of your body and how your mind is still close to sleeping.

Processing slowly, you are still.

And this relaxation is a gift a gift that will allow you to visualize your day ahead.

So begin to see yourself - going about your day.

And when you visualize your day, see it play out exactly how you want it to go.

Feel your body grounded to the surface below you.

Feel your body sink further into the earth, as you relax even more.

And visualize your day again, happening just how you want your day to go.

See yourself making good choices.

Making meaningful connections with others.

What do you want to happen in your day to day?

Become aware of your arms resting heavy by your sides.

Allow your shoulders to drop down even more.

Releasing any tension in the body.

Inhale softly exhale quietly.

And back to your visualization.

See what you are going to do next.

Are you taking opportunities and using them to your best advantage?

Are you helping others with your abundance?

Become aware of your feet now, resting comfortably below you.

How do your feet feel as you rest quietly.

Visualize where your feet and legs are going to take you today.

See yourself moving mindfully- doing all the things you want to do…effortlessly.

And become aware of your head now

The balance at the top of your spine

Visualize yourself smiling throughout the day.

Communicating kindly with others as well as yourself.

See yourself making positive decisions, full of warm energy

You are creating your reality, by performing this practice right now.

So bring about a deep feeling of gratitude for this day ahead.

Feel it expand your heart with love, passion and comfort. 

Say to yourself - I will live my day, the way I want it to be.

Become aware of your whole body  now, the beautiful  guide of your soul.

Open your eyes, feeling energized.

And using your body and mind to live the life of your dreams.

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