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Lead Your Own Life

The first time I had to learn time management was back in my Freshman year of high school. Our classes were called 'hours', and I had 6 of them. Zero hour was softball training, 1-5 were my core classes, math, history, science, English with one elective (TV Production) & 6th hour was study hall. After school, I would have weight lifting, then commute to my travel softball practice. This might sound like a lot for a teenage schedule, however for me, it taught me 3 values that I honor through my business & personal life. Applying these three steps have helped me become more organized, productive and adaptive.  1. Set Your Priorities Think about a goal you have and why that goal...

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3 Bodyweight Movements You Should Do Daily

Movement is medicine! Movement gives our bodies attention, freedom and care. When we move our bodies, not only are we training our joints to get stronger, but we are giving our muscles a chance to breathe. Here are three movements you can perform from anywhere at anytime. I recommend moving your body 10-15 min in the morning, afternoon and in the evening to prevent any stiffness or tightness from happening. 1. Squat Squats are an amazing movement to perform because we already perform them daily; sitting in a chair or reaching for something on the floor. When we squat, we activate our core and hip muscles. Our core muscles are what we use to bend, rotate or stand. When our...

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6 Strength Workouts You Can Perform Anywhere

Stop thinking about starting and go swing some bells. 6 Kettlebell exercises that you can implement into any workout program.   These 6 movements are designed to challenge you, yet keep you engaged for your next training session. All you need is one Kettlebell and you are ready to begin.   Goblet Squat   Goblet Squats are one of the best exercises for generating lower body strength.   Step 1: There are two ways you can hold the Kettlebell when performing the Goblet Squat. Place your hands either on the handle or on the ball of the bell.   Step 2: Hold Kettlebell in front of your chest, engage your core and plant feet firmly into ground.   Step 3:...

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