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3 Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy

I started using trigger point therapy, when I began squatting heavy. I would get tight in my glutes and hips. I would use the foam roller, but the surface was not hard enough to release the knots I would have. The benefits of using a lacrosse ball or Radroller ball are endless, especially because they are inexpensive and the treatment can be done at your own pace. Here are three benefits I have found about my body since beginning my trigger point therapy. 1. Increase Range of Motion Self-Myofascial Release, also known as SMR, is a trigger point technique used to release muscle tension. SMR can be an intense treatment, depending on how tight your knot may be. During the...

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6 Strength Workouts You Can Perform Anywhere

Stop thinking about starting and go swing some bells. 6 Kettlebell exercises that you can implement into any workout program.   These 6 movements are designed to challenge you, yet keep you engaged for your next training session. All you need is one Kettlebell and you are ready to begin.   Goblet Squat   Goblet Squats are one of the best exercises for generating lower body strength.   Step 1: There are two ways you can hold the Kettlebell when performing the Goblet Squat. Place your hands either on the handle or on the ball of the bell.   Step 2: Hold Kettlebell in front of your chest, engage your core and plant feet firmly into ground.   Step 3:...

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