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3 Days Left in 2021

This year, I am making sure the new year isn't sneaking up on myself or my clients. All year long, we work hard together; by creating challenging goals each month, communicating weekly and celebrating the small wins.  With 2022 only three days away, it is not only important to have new goals, but to also have a plan that supports your future success. Here are three actions you can take this week to start off 2022 strong and finish even stronger. 1. Get Clear What is it that you actually want? We often think about the things we don't want, which transitions our thoughts into always thinking of negative outcomes. A couple years ago, I learned that my thoughts often...

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2 Qualities of a Successful Athlete

 Mindset is everything. The way you feel about yourself, talk about yourself & work on yourself, says a lot about the person you are.  I work with many different athletes from a variety of age groups and the one common factor I have noticed, is the mental blockage we have all installed in our minds. Mental blockage is a wall that we have placed in front of our vision from seeing the positive outcomes of our actions. Whenever we begin to try something new, for example a weight loss journey or playing a new sport; it's easy to get down on ourselves when we can't physically see the change.  Change does not happen over night, nor does it happen within...

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