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Lead Your Own Life

The first time I had to learn time management was back in my Freshman year of high school. Our classes were called 'hours', and I had 6 of them. Zero hour was softball training, 1-5 were my core classes, math, history, science, English with one elective (TV Production) & 6th hour was study hall. After school, I would have weight lifting, then commute to my travel softball practice. This might sound like a lot for a teenage schedule, however for me, it taught me 3 values that I honor through my business & personal life. Applying these three steps have helped me become more organized, productive and adaptive.  1. Set Your Priorities Think about a goal you have and why that goal...

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Why Now is the Time to Follow Your Passion

You want to be more, do more, believe more?   The only thing is, you feel stuck in your tracks, waiting for the direction to pop out at you.   Who is to say which direction is the best or the most beneficial for your journey; when you are the one leading?   You see: your path can only extend, if you want it to.   Think about the last time you were unhappy - what did you do to change the circumstances of the situation?   Did you take charge at that moment, or did you wait to act upon your true feelings?   This is a situation that will challenge and change your mindset. You are going after...

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Starts with You

Welcome to your Self Growth Guide! I want you to ignore the voice in your head that is telling you to hit the snooze button, and Wake Up. It is time to start living the best days of your life. Step 1: Wake Up Call Consume 1 bottle of water when you wake up in the morning. This will hydrate your muscles, brain and bloodstream to properly function throughout the day! Step 2: Morning Movement Perform 5-7 minutes of Mobility Training to activate your muscles and alleviate any joint stiffness or pain. Step 3: Brain Food Read 10 pages from a Self Development book. Your mind is the most powerful muscle in your body, if you don’t use it; you...

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