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2 Qualities of a Successful Athlete

 Mindset is everything. The way you feel about yourself, talk about yourself & work on yourself, says a lot about the person you are.  I work with many different athletes from a variety of age groups and the one common factor I have noticed, is the mental blockage we have all installed in our minds. Mental blockage is a wall that we have placed in front of our vision from seeing the positive outcomes of our actions. Whenever we begin to try something new, for example a weight loss journey or playing a new sport; it's easy to get down on ourselves when we can't physically see the change.  Change does not happen over night, nor does it happen within...

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3 Ways Meditation Has Helped Me

Meditation has become one of the most powerful tools in my life for creating energy, life and support to my career & lifestyle. Not only is everyday a new beginning for adventure, but also an avenue for exploring new opportunities.  I have been meditating for two years now and I invite you to listen as I share with you the most significant benefits, meditation has installed in me. 1. Quiet Your Mind  If you have a busy schedule, that triggers a bundle of thoughts running through your mind every, single day, it can be a challenge to focus on one task at a time. Slowing down your thoughts, to make time, just to breathe allows you to be alone with yourself....

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