One Exercise to Develop Rotational Power in Your Swing


Rotational power is a key component in transferring energy from the lower half of your body towards the ball. In order to generate maximum strength & speed, your hips need to be able to rotate with the same velocity and power. The main focus with this drill, is to encourage you to use your lower half of your body and start crushing the ball during your at bats.

Below is a great exercise you can perform either as a warm up for your swing or during your next workout.

1. Grab a light/medium medicine ball to begin.

2. Begin your load and bring the medicine ball back as if it was your bat in your hands.

3. Maintain tight core.

4. As you begin your swing, you want to transfer your weight from your back hip into your front leg.

5. Release the medicine ball at the end of your swing.

6. When you get to the end of your swing, hold out your arms as if they are in a V- Shape. (This is your power V, also known as extension).

For maximum velocity per rep/swing, perform 1 throw every 30 seconds for 10 rounds. Make sure to also perform the same amount of reps on the other side to balance out your core strength and stability.

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