Mindful Living

As the new year approaches, I can't help but think about how fast this year has flow by. So many amazing memories, adventures, laughs and relationships built in such a short time. However, it all happens so fast; so makes sure to always enjoy every moment. Living in the present moment is a powerful way to keep our focus on the now, so we do not miss out on current moments happening around us. With these five mindful living tips, you will be able to take action more presently. 

1. Cooking your meals

Nourishing our bodies, isn't easy, with juggling a busy schedule, between kids, career, responsibilities; it takes time and extra energy to prepare our meals. But, there are many meals that can be cooked in less than thirty minutes, we just need to prioritize our time more efficiently. When you cook your meals, you have full control of the ingredients you put in, so you can learn what foods are either helping or hurting your bodies performance. I suggest, playing around with different seasonings, to add onto your foods for a more richer taste and help satisfy your hunger. Also eating your carbs before your movement, so you can use that fuel for your energy. 

2. Track your habits

The things we do daily, show us the type of person we are. Sometimes being honest with ourselves and recognizing the activities we do often can help us decide whether or not those habits are helping or harming our personal development. Then, having the courage to change or adjust your habits to better fitting your health needs. Sometimes, talking with a friend or family member that knows you well is an excellent way to communicate healthier habits you might want to start implementing. 

3. Show appreciation to others

Mindful living gives you the opportunity to experience all of the wonderful things in your life. Especially the people that are in your life, constantly supporting loving and encouraging you to be the best version of yourself. We often, try to compare ourselves to the people around us, or the people we were 5-10 years ago. Instead try to show appreciation to those people in your life, shoot them a message, thank them for being there, tell them you are proud of their accomplishments. Spreading love and positive energy will naturally bring more a healthier atmosphere around you. 

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