Finding Your Personal Power

We all want to be around people who make us feel powerful.

But, the truth is, authentic power does not come from external sources, authentic power is founded from within.

I invite you today, to join me as we venture on a beautiful journey to find your personal peace and genuine power.

Let's Begin:)

Facilitate your release of any negative or limiting thoughts that no longer serve you.

Its time to let go of whatever it is that may be holding you back.

To begin this trans-formative journey, please find a comfortable space to lie.

Wherever you find yourself, straighten your spine, allow your shoulders to draw away from your ears and share your heart with the world.

Take a moment to bring your attention to your breath and become aware of how your body responds.

As you inhale, you are breathing in new, fresh energy, that is ready to be explored.

Then as you exhale, you are releasing any energy that is waiting to be surrendered. 

Look up… before you is a foot path that weaves through a forest reaching up to its highest peak.

As you walk, you feel the air start to wrap around your body and surround you with comfort.

Your nose admires the mint, your eyes admire the qualities in the world outside of you. 

You begin to realize that they reflect what is in you too - beauty, peace energy

As you begin to hike deeper into the forest towards this peak, the land beneath you begins to level out.

You take your final steps before you reach the peak.

You observe this world, as if it was the first time you have ever been here.

Valleys, streams, waterfalls.

You remember why you are here: to let go of your negative energy that is ready to be surrendered. 

Within that next breath, allow that energy to be released into the wind. 

Each thought, each feeling and every negative moment that has been held, let go.

Relax your face, and as you gaze your eyes into the world around you, grab onto the first positive thought that comes into your mind. Whether it be a person, an object or a moment...

Take one long deep inhale, exhale and allow your body to feel the emotions that this thought may bring into your body.

Let the light, guide your eyes to open quietly.

As you move through the day ahead, let the transformation from today, continue to awaken you.

Let the wind blow out any negative thoughts.

Let the peak be your place of peace and strength.

And let the world, be your place of loving and living.

I am sending you so much love today.

Keep being you,

Coach Steph

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