4 Keys to Building a Strong Foundation

Finding what works for you, is the key to any successful, life journey you embark on.
I understand this is not always easy, due to the excess amount of information you see and hear on a daily basis.
However, being your fitness professional, I try to keep visuals as simple as possible to help guide you to a healthy and happy lifestyle.
Your life is built upon the dimensions of your nature:
- Physical
- Social/Emotional
- Mental
- Spiritual
These four attributes, do not need to be in any special order; however it is important to balance all four and allow room for growth.
Our physical capabilities give us freedom to move. The more energy we create through, the foods we consume and exercise we encourage; will allow our body to perform at its highest level of functionality.
Most of us, do not put exercise as a priority because it isn't an urgent necessity.
This is how health issues occur.
We exercise, then do not see results right away, so we give up.
OR - We claim, we do not have enough time to exercise.
I have amazing news for you - exercise can be performed anytime, anywhere for any amount of time! The most effective exercises I perform are 20-30 minute sessions. This is a perfect window for you to keep your joints mobile and generate a significant amount of blood flow.
Any movement is medicine!
Our social and emotional characteristics are joined together, because it is primarily placed in our lives. As we continue to grow, our social and emotional attachments, follow.
Communication is the key to building professional, romantic or personal relationships. Being able to verbally understand and deliver value; builds character and trust. The more trust built in a relationship, the more successful the individuals.
As important as communication is; being able to listen, adds just as much value, if not more to the relationship.
Listening requires two skills; focus and comprehension.
For example, let's say you are in dialogue connection with a colleague. That person came to you, to discuss a question in regards to a personal issue and wants your opinion. So, first, direct your focus to the speaker and engage in the conversation. Make eye contact and show you are actively listening. Second, comprehend what that person is saying; then you will be able to deliver an appropriate response.
We build trusting relationships, not by what we do, but how we do it. Saying that you are a trustworthy person, is not the same as showing your trust on a daily basis.
The emotional dimension ties in, as we get deeper into our journey or relationship. As with anything, the longer we learn and recognize what our emotions attach to, the longer we will stay connected.
If you are emotional, it's only because you care, you care about your well being as well as the well being of others around you.
Exercising provides our body's the freedom to explore our movement. When we exercise, we are giving ourselves a chance to get stronger, faster and focused.
Exercising our mind is just as important as exercising our body.
Our mindset is built based on our thoughts and experiences.
If our thoughts and experiences are positive, our mindset is going to deliver positive energy and actions. If our thoughts are negative and restrictive , it will be difficult to add any type of growth in your life.
Your mental health stems from the visuals, experiences and thoughts about yourself. A organic way to grow your mental health - READ!
Reading gives us a chance to create our own beliefs and values. This a proactive way to expand your vocabulary, improve focus and drive new ideas.
The more resourceful you are, the easier it will be, to react to certain situations that occur.
Adding the spiritual dimension into your life adds leadership and character.
This is the area where you are able to provide your values, energy and beliefs with the world.
What do you want the world to know about you?
What area of focus do you have a passion for?
How are you going to add value into other people's lives?
The spiritual quadrant is a lifelong commitment, because it is your own personal traits. The only way you can be spiritually invested in your relationship with yourself, is to constantly promote your positive direction and efforts.
It is a sense of security and comfort you have built over the years. The environment you surround yourself in, will affect your mindset and beliefs.
Trust your passion, let it guide your direction and continue to share your inspiration.
The world can use a little bit more beauty.
In any environment; you can use the Quad Dimensions to build character, trust and accountability. This is a way to keep yourself or organization motivated to grow and connect with new opportunities.
I wish you the most success along your journey. You have already come so far, now it's time to take your expertise to the next level and find your lifetime success!
Go Get Yours,

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