3 Days Left in 2021

This year, I am making sure the new year isn't sneaking up on myself or my clients. All year long, we work hard together; by creating challenging goals each month, communicating weekly and celebrating the small wins. 

With 2022 only three days away, it is not only important to have new goals, but to also have a plan that supports your future success. Here are three actions you can take this week to start off 2022 strong and finish even stronger.

1. Get Clear

What is it that you actually want? We often think about the things we don't want, which transitions our thoughts into always thinking of negative outcomes. A couple years ago, I learned that my thoughts often reflected what I attracted. Instead of focusing on worst case scenarios (things we have zero control over), focus your energy on actions you can take and deliver to yourself. After you get clear of what it is that you want, get an understanding of what stage of your plan of action you are currently in. Give yourself a scoreboard, ask yourself how are you performing. Are you showing up consistently? Are you working on the little things that will eventually add up to the big reward?

2. Quit the Damn Excuses

People get very creative when they try to make an excuse for not doing something. Sometimes we use excuses because we are afraid of commitment, failure or even embarrassment. I strongly believe the only failure you will ever face, is the moment you stop betting on yourself. Every time you think of an excuse to not get something done, you are immediately letting your mind know, this is not meant for you. Instead of starting with low intentions for yourself, start off high and expect yourself to achieve success. Put yourself in a position of power. Hold yourself accountable and make the decision that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to ALWAYS make it happen. 

3. Appreciate

If I have learned anything in my 28 years of life, it is to always appreciate the events that happen to me. I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual and do believe that situations/events happen for a reason. Learn to appreciate every bit of your journey; the struggles, the successes, the challenges and the new relationships you build along the way. I know it can be hard to appreciate the struggles, but if you are struggling, you are playing the game. You are accepted into "the huddle". When you can be grateful for the difficult moments, you can appreciate the successful moments even more. 

Remember this adventure called "life" is a journey, not a race. Take your time, accept the outcomes and never stop working on your dreams. 

Just enjoy your, journey of a lifetime. 


With love,

Coach Steph

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